Towing Confidence Delivered in the 2019 Ram Lineup Near Harrisburg

Just when you thought you were doing perfectly fine with your current truck, you're asked to tow a load that exceeds what your model can handle. Not wanting to risk the weight on your truck's frame, you realize what you thought was capable may not be cutting it anymore. Fortunately, the Ram inventory at Hondru Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram of E-Town has your next truck upgrade, and its name is the 2019 Ram 1500.

This truck is a big sigh of towing relief for Elizabethtown truck drivers because with increased capacities across the board compared to previous models, the 2019 Ram 1500 is your best bet for taking care of all your towing needs around Lancaster. Want to know more? Here are three astonishing specs that highlight the degree of capability found in the 2019 Ram lineup:

  1. Say hello to the 5.7-liter HEMI® V8 engine that will combat any load under 12,750 pounds successfully. It's blend of eTorque, a strong motor generator on the engine, adds efficiency and is the reason the Ram reaches this level of maximum towing.
  2. Your 2019 Ram 1500's cargo bed will be larger than ever at a size of 61.5 cubic-feet, which will perfectly support the 2,300 pounds of maximum payload you'll be transporting around Columbia, PA.
  3. Capability doesn't just come in towing maximums. To us, it can also apply to the capability the truck has in keeping its drivers connected. With a 12.0-inch Uconnect® touchscreen available, you'll have all the technology you could need.

Upgrading to the 2019 Ram 1500 won't only expand your towing and payload expectations, but your desire to remain connected while you're hauling loads between Middletown and Hershey. Take our word for it and pencil in a visit to our Ram dealership today and see if the newest Ram 1500 lives up to the hype. Who knows; the two of you could end up hitting it off and going home together. Discover your perfect towing companion today!

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