Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Harrisburg Drivers

Summer is here, and it's time to make the most of nicer weather. For many from Lancaster to Middletown, PA, summer means vacations and family road trips. Well, if you want to make those trips memorable in a good way, having your vehicle in good condition is essential. You'll never live it down if your car breaks down in the summer heat, but there are other more serious consequences if your car isn't properly maintained. Keep reading to learn all about the summer service your vehicle needs and how our E-Town service center can help you!

How to Prepare for Summer Driving and Vacations

Of course, heat is the biggest change coming with the summer season, so most of our vehicle maintenance tips deal with preparing your car, truck, or SUV for it.

  • Your battery is arguably the most crucial component of your vehicle, and it's not just the cold of winters in Hershey that can cause battery problems. Heat and vibrations can cause battery failure, so check your battery fluid levels and make sure it's secure to reduce vibrations.
  • You should also keep an eye on other important fluids in your engine compartment. This includes engine coolant so that it doesn't overheat as well as brake, transmission, and power steering fluids.
  • Make sure your tires are at the right PSI as under-inflated tires are more likely to overheat and lead to a blowout, which is always a scary experience.
  • Your vehicle's air conditioning is vital in the summer heat, and our technicians can make sure your car's A/C is operating as it should.

Why Bring Your Vehicle to our Auto Service Center in Elizabethtown, PA?

We can help you with all of those vehicles check-ups and maintenance tasks above at our auto service center near Columbia. Those are important for everyday driving, but especially so when you're heading out on a road trip, so if you have one right around the corner, schedule a service appointment with us to make sure your vehicle is as ready as you are!

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